I am a Stained Glass Designer with twenty-five years of creativity and ability. We offer prices, which are more than competitive with the same quality, experience and service in my home based studio.

A free consultation and estimate are based on the customer's vision.  There is no charge for a set of presentation renderings, which remain the property of Monarch Stained Glass.
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Factors in Design:  The architecture of the building. Direction of light.  Surrounding materials and colors.  An understanding of religion and desired themes. Working with the available budget.

Fabrication: The design is drawn full size, glass of choice is cut, ground, painted as needed.  Then assembled into leaded panels.  The Panels are grouted, detailed and brace bars are applied.  The need for brace bars takes into consideration of the wind load and if they are primary and secondary windows.

Painting and Firing:  Painting on glass adds an intriguing and fascinating technique that can give a whole new dimension to the design.  As an artist I use the medium to create highly personal statements expressing my vision, feelings and individuality.  All paint is fired in a kiln for permanent adhesion onto the glass and its purpose is to hold the traversing light onto the surface of the glass.  It renders the finest details in forms, figures and creates dimension by obscuring part of the glass with design, textures, or shading.

Installation:  This varies according to wood or metal stops and the degree of difficulty.

This process utilizes the same basic techniques as those used at the turn of the century.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.
References available upon request.
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